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This fork is now deprecated. Everything has now been rolled back into the main repository at RPTools! In addition many changes were added by myself and other developers and we released version 1.5.0. Your campaign will still load and is compatible with this new version.

It will default install to the same location but will use a different cache in your user directory (.maptool-rptools vs .maptool-Nerps), you can rename/copy your old cache to the new to retain your settings/cache safely or you can keep both or delete the Nerps version. I recommend you simply Uninstall your current Nerps version completely and start with a fresh install of the RPTools version.

The links to the right will now point to RPTools for convenience but older versions of my fork will remain available here.

*Note: The sendURL and getRequest functions were renamed and replaced with better RESTful versions. In 1.5+ you will also need to enable these functions via the Preferences menu. This will be the only change required if you are moving from my fork.